You Matter

A person holding a cup of coffee with both hands.

Dear Hope Hero,

You may think that your act of kindness was rather insignificant. I want to make something crystal clear. You matter! The way you share hope with me is heroic.

Even today, eighty-nine months after the most devastating loss,
my heart is comforted by you, as I:

  • drink coffee from my favorite cup that you gave me when my son died
  • listen to the playlist of meaningful songs you created to bring me hope
  • wear the beautiful necklace you gave me with Jordan’s name engraved
  • read again the beautiful card and note you sent me
  • think of the compliment saying you’re proud of me for being scared and doing it anyway
  • smile as I recall the funny memory of my son you shared
  • see your picture wearing your “Jordan scarf” letting me know you miss him too
  • wear the lovely bracelet you gave me with encouragement to keep sharing my story
  • remember the donation you made in Jordan’s memory
  • consider the faithful way you have prayed for me and my family
  • think of how often you’ve shared my book with your grieving friends
  • laugh after a “grief burst” because I suddenly remembered a funny story you shared
  • read the scripture verse you sent me on another anniversary of Jordan’s homegoing
  • smile at the memory of you loving my son so well when he was living here
  • cherish the way you naturally continue to mention Jordan in conversation
  • love that you have made some of Jordan’s favorite things to be among your favorites

Because of you, I am motivated to love others better. You’ve set the bar high.

Never think that you have no influence. The sweet fragrance of HOPE is the delightful scent you leave behind with every act of empathy and compassion. It cannot be erased.

Picture of Shirley Thiessen

Shirley Thiessen

Author and speaker helping you bring hope to broken, grieving hearts.