Hope Heroes Course

A Framework for Sharing Hope with the Brokenhearted

No one should have to grieve alone. Everyone needs a caring grief companion. A Hope Hero! Discover simple, effective ideas to navigate your loss and care for others on the grief journey.

Losing a loved one is one of the most disorienting human experiences. The deeper the relationship, the greater the pain of loss.

Grieving losses is riddled with fierce challenges. Grieving with hope rarely just happens.
It demands intentionality, courage and humility to accept support from caring friends – Hope Heroes.

Over your lifetime, you will grieve many significant losses. This can include:

From a Christian worldview, the Hope Heroes Course will equip you with…

  1. Insights and coping ideas to help lighten the burden of your loss
  2. Skills to enhance your compassion as a caring grief companion – a Hope Hero
  3.  Critical life skills that will stand the test of time

Module 1

Why Do We Need Hope Heroes?

Most people feel overwhelmed by a devastating loss. Resiliency on the grief journey is linked to caring friends. Ordinary people become Hope Heroes by lending hope through expressions of empathy and compassion.

Module 2

Listen - The Lost Art

One of the greatest gifts a Hope Hero can give a grieving soul is to listen to their story. Every time a griever feels heard, a little piece of healing starts to occur. Learn how to actively listen.

Module 3

Acknowledge - The Caring Validation

It’s not possible to fix the loss for a hurting friend, but you can help to carry it. By recognizing and honoring a griever’s loss, a Hope Hero acknowledges that their sorrow is worthy of an empathetic response. Discover creative ways to validate the loss in meaningful ways.

Module 4

Pray - Advocate for the Brokenhearted

Beyond the capacity of a Hope Hero, there is one who can bring hope and healing to a broken heart, Jesus Christ. Gain new insights for praying for your grieving friend and for your own sorrows.

Module 5

Patiently be Present - The Refusal to Rush

The grief journey is exhausting and full of emotional land mines. A Hope Hero respects that grief has no timeline. Learn why it’s critical to be patient with the bereaved.

Module 6

Wrap Up

Do you long for a community to share your grief story, your challenges and your successes? We are Hope Heroes who have experienced hope and passionate to pay it forward.

Here's What You'll Get

Let's choose to be a Hope Hero.

Everyone needs a Hope Hero in their life.

God's plan is to care for the grieving through us.

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If you’ve ever felt unsure how to practically show compassion to a grieving friend, the Hope Heroes course is for you. If you wish you understood more about grief and loss, you’re in the right place.

Grief is a common human experience yet rarely discussed. Rather than a grief ambush – as much as possible – let’s choose to prepare. You deserve access to hope-filled grief resources.