Unsure how to support your grieving friend?

You’re not alone.

Get 8 ideas to confidently express your compassion & empathy.

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You can’t fix the pain of loss, but you can help to carry it.

There is nothing more fulfilling than helping your grieving friend escape the grip of despair by showing you care.

Meet Shirley Thiessen

Shirley Thiessen is an author of “The Little Black Funeral Dress Five Things I Wish I Had Known About Grief”, a speaker and grief coach.

Since 2012 when her 23-year-old son died tragically in a workplace accident, Shirley has experienced a gruelling grief education.

Thanks to caring friends – Hope Heroes – who bravely showed up for Shirley with empathy and shared hope, she discovered a path to resiliency. Because most people feel unsure how to respond to a grieving friend, Shirley is sharing the secrets of Hope Heroes to equip others with caring skills and ideas.

No one should have to grieve alone. Everyone deserves a caring friend, a Hope Hero who activates their superpowers of empathy and compassion.

Shirley Thiessen

Together, you and I are going to transform our culture by bringing hope to broken hearts – one at a time.

We can’t fix the pain of loss, but we can help to carry it. Let’s go out there and be a Hope Hero.


8 Practical Ways to Support a Grieving Friend With Hope

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