My Story

For 48 years, I didn’t know how to effectively come alongside my grieving friends.

I was uncertain about what to say or do that would be helpful and not hurtful. Often I avoided my grieving friends – not because I didn’t care. I felt their loss so deeply. Tragically, it was my own discomfort that caused me to be unavailable. I didn’t know how to show up for the bereaved.

Can you relate?

It wasn’t until my devastating loss of burying a child – a young adult son, Jordan, that I began the sharp learning curve into my grief education.

Twelve days after Jordan’s wedding, I was thrown into the unimaginable task of planning his funeral. Life felt like a wasteland of profound disappointments and heartache. I didn’t see a way forward.

How did I survive ?

My friends – Hope Heroes – came alongside my family with prayer, empathy and compassion. By their example, they showed me how to care for the broken-hearted.

Now I want to pay it forward.

Let me guide you with the wisdom that was shared with me.

Choose to learn simple yet effective ideas for providing a safe place for your friends to heal.

There are 4 effective ways. Listen. Acknowledge. Pray. Patiently be Present.

You may be the only courageous friend who steps Into the pain of loss as a grief companion – Hope Hero. Don’t assume others are showing up for your grieving friend. Most people feel intimidated by grief so they

There is more at stake than you may think. Your empathy and compassion has a greater impact than you could imagine. Your kindness and intentionality has the power to be life-giving to your friend walking through grief.

Don’t wait till you feel ready. Take action and let’s connect. You have a beautiful and meaningful purpose. Be a Hope Hero!

My family. Missing my son spurs me on to bring hope to other grieving hearts.