3 Ideas to be a Hope Hero at Christmas

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Shirley Thiessen

Shirley Thiessen

Author and speaker helping you bring hope to broken, grieving hearts.

5 Responses

  1. Gwen James says:

    Well done Shirley!
    Timely message to remind us to be Hope Heroes , especially during the Holiday Season coming up!

  2. Daniel Love says:

    Thank you Shirley! I like the three Hope Hero suggestions that you have given to us through this video. These are excellent ways for us to show acts of kindness and hope to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

  3. Walt Harder says:

    Good stuff and very practical.

  4. Cheryl hargreaves says:

    Thank you Shirley …so well expressed and very practically put…and Truth…as it is so realistic of the desires I have know in other grieving friends …and once again you have used your platform if you will, to educate , encourage and enlighten , many people as to relate in a very real and loving way …of being a hope hero …thank you for your excellent video…Blessings and love to you , Cheryl 👍💕🙏xx

  5. Perry Friesen says:

    Shirley, thank you for reminding me of the many who grieve in the Christmas season. Very well said, and excellent suggestions!

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